Veggbilder Artwork

Photos are no longer something you just keep on the top of the bedroom dresser. They have elevated into works of art, are used in signage and even on fabric to list a few possibilities. Color photos are great the clarity is amazing. The colors seem to pop out as if you were actually there. You can feel the intensity of a sunrise or sunset, the calming beauty of a small mountain stream. Catch the joy on the face of a child at Christmas, so many wonderful memories are captured in a single photograph. In design work we often take liberties with photos creating interesting artwork doing things like cropping the photos in unusual ways. Blowing up some aspects of a photo can reveal details otherwise lost.

Another trick used in design work is to take colored photos and copy them to black and white and combine them in a grouping with the same mat (usually white and black frame). This takes photos that would normally look cluttered and creates a more uniform well balanced look. It is a wonderful way to create a collection of photos. I’ve noticed a new trend with photographs; they are being used in signage at professional buildings, with amazing results. They often use an outdoor photo as background slightly muted and the verbiage in bold black letters over it, it creates a very sticking sign. I have seen this application used in many businesses. When displaying your photos on the wall it is best to use the same mat and frame color especially when you are working with colored photos. The unity created by the same colored frames make the photos look more like a statement.¬†click to read more

You also want to display the same kind of pictures together, all outdoor photos, or all sports theme this gives a much bigger impact. Even if you are displaying photos on a table make sure they are all the same kind. As a designer my right hand is my camera, it goes everywhere with me. I never know when I will find an inspiration that I want to take a picture of. I often take pictures of nature it is where I feel the most alive. Sometimes I see different color combinations that I capture with my camera. The use of a camera is the eyes to the truth; your eyes play tricks on you often. I can look at a room I am designing and think I “see” it but just as often I miss things. I will think it looks great, but when I see the room from the camera’s view I see things that are not the way I wanted them to be. The only way to get a complete picture of the room is through the lens of a camera and a picture.