File Claim For Bicycle Accident

In 2011, almost 700 lives have been lost in pedal-powered vehicles and motor vehicle crashes in the United States. On the other hand, an additional 48,000 suffered from injuries. This number is nine percent higher than the number of pedalcyclists killed the previous year. This is in accordance with the traffic safety fact sheet of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation. Hence, you must exercise safety when riding your bicycle. If you meet an accident, here are the things that you must do:

-Do not go away; wait for the police to come.

If you are not badly hurt, you must wait for the police to come to the crash scene. Police officers will record everything and submit a written report. If you see that they are conversing with the driver of car who hit you, you should also give your part of the story and make sure that it will be included in the report.

-Gather information.

You should do exactly the same thing as car accidents: gain as much information as you can. Get the name of the driver, his license number, car registration number along with his insurance plan. If there are witnesses around the area, obtain their names and contact numbers as well. If the driver insists that nothing happens to you and your bike, you should still gather this following data in case complications arise after a few days.

-Get proofs that will support your claim.

Surely, you have a smartphone with you. Take pictures of the accident scene: the car concerned (including the plate number), your bike, the road, the damages and others. You may also think about taking video footage. You must include these in your endeavor to file for and hire personal injury claim attorney in Arizona.

-Go to a nearby healthcare facility.  Browse this site listing about  road accident claims

You should have your personal injuries treated by doctors to prevent further damages. If no abrasions are noticeable at this time, you should still go to the nearest hospital in the area to make sure that nothing happens to you. Tell them what took place and make a request for complete medical checkup. Sometimes, the injury is internal or may manifest after a few days that you will have to submit yourself to some medical procedures afterwards.

-Call your lawyer to assist you.

Speak to your attorney the soonest possible time. Give him the evidence that you collected so he can study your case. Include the names and contact numbers of the witnesses so he can get in touch with them immediately. Never attempt to talk with an insurance adjuster without the presence of your lawyer. Your statements may be noted and may be taken against you. Let a legal professional direct you during the process.

-Never think about repairing your bike.

While the case or your claim is still in process, do not send your bike to a mechanic shop, regardless if you have taken pictures of it. It may have an influence on your case.

Lastly, you should follow the instructions of your personal injury claim attorney in Arizona to avoid issues from arising.